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FNTS "Ambassadors" are current members who have proven to fully embody and live by the FNTS 5 Pillars: Attitude, Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation and Accountability. These members have also shown to be a great support system for new members who may be struggling in theirfitness journey.


We have the difficult task of choosing up to seven Ambassadors every four months. FNTS Ambassadors are responsible for maintaining the 5 Pillars as part of their lifestyle. They must commit to leading by example; helping, supporting and nurturing current and new members; being the voice of theentire FNTS membership in terms of wants and needs, and ultimately, acting as an extension of our staff/family; and helping out the FNTS community wherever and whenever is needed. Ambassadors are expected tofulfill a three-month tenure and then reapply, if desired. SelectedAmbassadors will receive 30% off all FNTS merchandise along with some complimentary (and cool) FNTS gear.


Our Current Ambassadors are

Brian Gagnon, Brian Spellane, Brianne Spellane, Ann Dunn, Julie Rondinelli, Sid Clark, Daria Liston, Christine Fadden (1/1 - 4/1)


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